Gelato Business: Startups and Innovative Marketing in the Gelato Shop (1st edition)

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In this book I tried to answer the questions of those who are thinking about getting into the gelato business for the first time, but there is also much of value for those who want to improve the management of an existing business in a market that is in constant evolution. For this reason the book is divided into two parts.

The first part deals with becoming an entrepreneur artisan from the start. The second part takes a more in-depth look at subjects like marketing and communication, which had already been presented in a basic manner in my previous book il Gelato, come venderlo meglio. These subjects have become fundamental for the modern management of any business. This second part is useful for those who already have experience in the gelato business and who want to learn more about a subject that is evolving rapidly and considered critical to compete successfully in the market.

Preface by Luca Caviezel.

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